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Tangier, the gateway to Africa...

It wasn't part of my sailing plan to stop in Tangier, Marocco.
But the opportunity was too tempting... Africa, my "love" from the late '80s to the early 2000s, I really wanted to see it again even though I knew that it had made progress in terms of economic development.

35 miles of navigation from Gibraltar to Tangier finally downwind with easterly 20 knots wind dodging Orcas and Cargo traffic at an average of 8,5knots.

Mooring at Tanja Marina. Extremely well organized mooring, floating docks in excellent condition and everything very clean... I had not even gone ashore before I immediately understood where Morocco had arrived after 20 years of absence!

But 2 days of Tanger exploring in the Medina and at fishermen harbor made me feel that the real Morocco is still there...

A brief obligatory reminder of my past in honor of the many adventures I have experienced. 

Some dates:
1980, just 18 years old with 3 friends and a very poorly prepared diesel Ranegade: Milan/Marrakech and back;
1984, Tunis/Dakar with the very first BMW R80 G/S;
1986, Tunis/Douala with one of the first Yamaha TT600s prepared by the legendary Bergamo mechanic Besenzoni
1987, Algiers/Tamanrasset/Djanet/Tunis;
From 1998 to 2006, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Libya.

And in 1997 I managed to take on my trip to Morocco, my brother Max as on a motorbike, my mother Polette and my father Jean driving a super fast Pajero!

This memory will last forever!


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