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France, Iles d'or

Feb - May 2020 - Cogolin, everything is ready to start our Med exploration

Feb 1st - With the new Genoa, storm Jib and the FFR (new generation Code 0) on board...let's have a test sail on a cold, grey winter's day!

March 1st - It was time to load up everything we needed to live on board full time.

Our neighbour Alex tried to tempt Emma to cheat on Pius ... his Swan 65 Seaside is really wonderful after 2 years of work done by himself. 

Emma and her best fisherman friend Alex and...

...Helios, the nicest Lahsa Apso you'll ever meet.

March the 16th - the first lockdown stopped our departure! So we began a home schooling program with Anna, including piano sessions...always be happy :)


And what about me? How did I spend my days? 

What a question....Pius's care of course!

Teak sanding after having cut the rubber

New power alternator regulator.

New watermaker membranes

Installing 24V DuoGen on stern and a new inox pushpit frame.

Excellent work!

Even in lockdown we could still have some fun kitesurfing... 

- - -

Now let's wait until the end of lockdown. 


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