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Refit & Maintenance

Thanks to the skills of the Romagna suppliers...

I would like to dedicate a big thanks to those who collaborated with me for the preparation of Pius:

DE CESARI shipyard, one of the last shipyards capable of designing and building offshore boats completely in wood.
In particular in the person of Paolo De Cesari, a person always available to give valuable advice and help and Alberto Zanuccoli, my right-hand man for the 3 months of work.

Celebrations for the end of the works and the launch of Pius

Davide PatuelliJack Bolina's rigger. Always extremely concentrated and precise in his work. Nothing is left to chance.

Lucio ZOFFOLI, the best nautical electromechanical he has ever had. The 24V power alternator cable bed was rewired and the Mastervolt Alpha PRO regulator reprogrammed, the bilge pump system was redesigned with dedicated alarms.

Roberto Zanzani, with his South Sail in which the great and friendly Australian Allen Hood works, has strengthened the mainsail and genoa and designed a jib/staysail that already after the first 10 days. navigation proved to be fundamental in giving a few more CVs to Pius, both at downwind speeds with Asymmetric and beam, wide-hauled and close-hauled coupled with the Genoa.

Sergio Mosconi with his Super company Sermar and his always kind and collaborative daughters.

Matteo Rusticali, a Mini-Transat 650coach with his RST Covers, was able to satisfy the request of an age-old opponent of biminis by creating what I had designed and defined as "Bimini Tropic".
A bimini that had the function of protecting at least the helmsman from the equatorial sun, the binnacle from tropical squalls without preventing the ability to control the opening and adjustment of the sails at any time during navigation.
Thanks to his 3D scanner equipment, in just one week he packaged everything together with a new Hallberg-Rassy style spray-hood but more protective and easier to disassemble and clean. 


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