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Tunisia, 🇹🇳 a country that always welcomes you

October 2020/April 2021 A winter aboard Pius in Tunisia

 A mild winter aboard of Pius full of experiences, friends a new school for Emma and much Tunisian folks.

Here’s just a selection of our souvenirs.

The Tunisian blue!

The famous cat colony in Port El Kantaoui Port....
where our Mustafina and Cino were born

The first that we found is Mustafina on Dec 10th

then leonCino on Jan 14th

24hrs. of fight...then Together Forever

Full moon in Port El Kantaoui

The new Emma's International French school in Hammam Sousse. She is so happy!

El Jem, the best preserved Arena outside Italy

our most loved car: Peugeot 404

...and the most loved bike: Peugeot 103  

Local transport 


Pius crew in the dune sea

The roman fortress in the middle of the Grand Erg oriental

The old Medina in Sousse

The Tabouna bread

so nice people 

and a world of colors 

The canyon in Mides

The DarHi in Nefta

the Star Wars village

We will miss so much Tunisia and their people...


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