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Gibraltar, Andalusia & Portugal

July/August 2021 - Spanish Coastal navigation, Andalusia and Gibraltar

In Valencia, our Coastal Navigation of 500 nm takes a less glamorous turn... 

the Spanish Costa Blanca is among the most built-up in the Mediterranean.

 This photo is emblematic :/

Fortunately Alicante has much to offer: 
a protected harbor, 

the old town 

and the Volvo Ocean Race Museum where you can visit an Imoca 60 outside...

and inside; incredible to be able to see how little space a crew of ten people 
can live for 7 months and more in absolutely extreme weather conditions 
between the equator and the roaring fifties

But Andalusia pays us back :)
Almeria, Granada.

The Rock, here We are!

Gibraltar is a free port, with few taxes and many investments of dubious origin. Fuels are tax-free so diesel instead of €1.40 is €0.88. 

We calculate that we will arrive with enough diesel fuel to enter the port but for that day of navigation the wind has vanished... all motorized and against the current (on the strait the currents, which can be from the west or from the east, can reach 4, 5kts). At the entrance to the bay the last drop of diesel greets us....and we enter tack after tack, slaloming among the cargo that stop to refuel. :(

From the Rock the Morocco's Atlas mountains are clearly visible.
This is the end of the Mediterranean sea and where the Atlantic Ocean starts.

Funny to pass a border by bike (between Spain and Gibraltar)

Gibraltar is a British strategic harbor and the airport too. 
Actually cars and pedestrian can cross the airport runaway 
because here in Gibraltar there's no room for everybody.

Before leaving a short trip to the world's famous Kite spot: Tarifa.
Hundreds of kite along a 5 miles beach


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