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Nov 4th 2019 - Pius goes to the dry dock for top maintenance

November 4th, hauled in Genova Sestri for a big month of works.

Sailing fast from Cogolin to escape from a F8 SW, I reached the yard in Genova Sestri. Pius was longer than the quayside ! :/

We began with the hull, sanding 15 years of antifouling. My friend Bepsi is #1

Then we started working on the powerful VOLVO Penta TAMD 41, 6 cylinder Turbo compressed.

You never know how a boat has been maintained previously so I decided to change:
- Raiser
- Engine oil exchanger
- Engine water exchanger
- Engine turbo air intercooler
- Gearbox exchanger
- Fisher Panda 8KW generator water exchanger
- Cleaning and maintenance of the engine starter, power alternator 100A/24V and alternator 12V

Then we proceeded to filter the diesel from algae and bacteria for 6 hours, after leaving antibacterial in the tank for 24 hours. 

After 15 years of use the Gori propeller did not want to break away from its shaft.
She needed some sophisticated repair work by the manufacturer - so we shipped it to Denmark and back to have it done. Expensive but now it's a jewel !

After one month work, time to go back in the water Pius!


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