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Sept 29th 2019 - The first 600 miles to become good friends

(First) Sailing from Santa Margherita (GE) to Marina di Pisa

Finally I am going to get to know you better...let's sail for one hundred miles together, just me and you Pius!

We reached the Arno, the river that after crossing Tuscany passes through Florence and Pisa, one of the 4 Ancients Marine Republics. 

The Arno is navigable for some miles until the first bridge, then with a tender rib you can reach easily Pisa and then Florence among dozens of "Bilancioni" an ancient way of fishing small fishes.

In Arnovecchio, an old historic small harbour on the Arno, I introduced Pius to Pippus, our dear and beloved old Swan 44 S&S.

with hundreds of deer, fawns and wild boars free to run about among the oak forest and the Arno river.

And in the background you can see the Apuan Alps where the best marble in the world has been mined since the 1st Century B.C. 

A new low pressure cell is to leave early in the morning!


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