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Tunisia, 🇹🇳 a country that always welcomes you

October 2020 - Tunisia a new adventure

The Tunisian flag is hoisted on the mast of Pius.

Our first mooring is in Hammamet. 
In Tunisia the first harbor where you arrive is where the Immigration Police control, Custom control and Garde National control have to be done well before mooring.
But after a whole day waiting for those controls finally we received our mooring place in quarantine waiting for the PCR test.
The first Tunisian sun set welcome us.

4 days in quarantine a medical staff came to test us then 3 days waiting for the result: all Negative!  We can start our exploration in the south: Djerba island, Toujane in the Troglodytes houses and finally the desert in Ksar Ghilane oasis. 

It's October and a Sirocco storm raises the temperatures to 44 °C.

Djerba island, octopus fishing is famous here. 

They put down the amphorae and the octopuses enter to find a home

To reach Djerba from the north side there is a barge service while to the south there is the old Roman bridge of El Kantara.

In Djerba looking for new yarns for Anna's "C'est moi qui l'ai fait" bags.

In the Troglodytes Dahar region mountain of Matmata there's a real pearl: Tijuane. An old village where you can still sleep in an original troglodytes house at Bechir 

All around you can visit big troglodytes houses tasting good "Thé à la mente" .

Next day we leave the Dahar region headed in the deep south where a natural geothermal spring source gushes out in the middle of the desert: Ksar Ghilane.


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