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Tuscany archip., Corse

8-10th June 2020, waiting the Mistral stop

The Mistral is still blowing after 10 days no stop. We wished to sail to Corsica but the sea conditions were not so nice.

So we moved to Porquerolles in order to visit by bike that island waiting the Mistral to slow down a bit.

...and we have been welcomed by a crazy nice Pirate that is sailing aboard his canoe-sail all around the Med.

We discovered  that he's Italian , from a small village south of Rome and from there he started his cruise 8 months ago but not alone...with his faithful dog that was so sea seek to push the Pirate to transform his canoe into a sailing canoe !

The Mistral is still blowing...those clouds tell us to wait .

And the first rain came after some while...


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