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Tuscany archip., Corse

July 2020 - Selling our previous boat, a Swan 44 and keep going sailing

 After few visits finally our previous boat, a Swan 44 Sparkman & Stephens dated 1973, found a new owner. So we directly sailed from Cap Corse to Pisa where our beloved Pippus is on dry since Sept 2019.

    Best boats are the nicest on dry, quotes an old sailor proverb!

One day stop over in the beauty of Capraia Island.


1st Paddle test for Emma !

A quiet sunset...

...and an equally calm moonrise before meeting our beloved Pippus.

- - -

Arnovecchio is ah historical micro harbor on Arno, the Florence and Pisa river managed by Mr. Orsini a sail passionate, regatting on original wooden Dinghy and in summer in Greece with a HR54 .

Pippus, for few hours still our Pippus, Swan 44 Sparkman & Stephens dated 1973
one's nicest boat ever built.

Small and safe cockpit. Rod Stephens, the test man brother of Olin (the designer), designed each cockpit considering scrupulously that cockpit volume (weight) shouldn't exceed the capacity (weight) of the entire crew allowed on board.
That's safety!

Here our two boats together again for few days before our beloved Swan 44  
set up the sails with new owners heading to Malta.

Nice tender ride in the Arno river among ''Bilancioni'', 
the ancient way of fishing on rivers...

...till the gorgeous Pisa

Piazza dei Miracoli with Duomo, Torre e Battistero in white Carrara marble

Pisa was one of the 4 ''Repubbliche Marinare'' 
(see our previous post) 

So lots of visits to do and one's best is the Museum ''Le Antiche navi di Pisa"
1000 yrs. of history: sailors, shipwrecks, navigations and trading in the Tyrrenian


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